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Among the most powerful stations designed by our partner are:

Thermal power plants
Name of power plant Country Capacity, MW
Nassiriya TPP Block №4 Iraq 200
Southern Baghdad TPP Bl. №3 and №4 Iraq 100
Obra TPP Blocks 5х50 MW India 250
Uglegorsk TPP Ukraine 3600
Zaporizhzhya TPP Ukraine 3600
Krivoy Rog TPP-2 Ukraine 3000
Pridneprovskaya TPP Ukraine 2400
Zmievskaya TPP Ukraine 2400
Starobeshevskaya TPP Ukraine 2300
Luhansk TPP Ukraine 2300
Slavyansk TPP Ukraine 2100
Kurakhovskaya TPP Ukraine 1670
Zuevskaya TPP-2 Ukraine 1200
Kharkiv TPP-5 Ukraine 490

Nuclear power plants
Name of power plant Country Capacity, MW
Kudankulam NPP (Block №1 and No.2, 2x1000 MW) India 2000
Kozloduy NPP Block 5, 6 Bulgaria 2000
Zaporizhzhya NPP Ukraine 6000
Kursk NPP Russia 3000
South-Ukrainian NPP Ukraine 3000
Smolensk NPP Russia 2000
Balakovo NPP Block 1, 2 Russia 2000
Rivne NPP Ukraine 1000
Rostov NPP Block 1 Russia 1000

Other power plants
Combined cycle gas turbine power plant, 2x151.5 MW Alchevsk, Ukraine Project design and work draft
Diesel power station, 25 MW Moscow, Russian Project design
Hydro power plant "Pleicrong" 51 MW Vietnam Working draft of turbine room

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